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Well it has been a long journey from Wikkis to Wigets, novice bloggie to Library Blogger. I can see why Social Media in Libraries is important as it helps us stay connected. There is no reason for people to feel isolated or Lonely with 24 hour access to sites, night use can be incorporated. It is great for information sharing, encouraging interaction in the community. News is now instant. Through Library Studies I have looked at social networking, blogging, microblogging, photosharing and videosharing.

So Long,
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Photosharing sites



I have attached a photo I wish to share. I could have loaded it to flickr but I did not feel the need as it is only one photo I wish to share. I have included copyright as piracy is an issue with photo sharing.
The Commons is of particular importance to Libraries. Flickr states that the goal of the Commons is to “firstly show you hidden treasures in the world’s public photography archives, and secondly to show how your input and knowledge can help make these collections even richer”.
Attached is a link to the Commons.

Photosharing and History Pin


I have been looking at the State Library of NSW. They do not have a pinterest link but they do have a History Pin. This shows historic photos held at the Library. They have more then one million in the library. On History Pin they are showing a small collection. You can ‘become a fan’, which I have. Here is a link.|photos/list/
I have tried to join pinterest; but it keeps saying try again later and this has been going on for days. I love the look of pinterest it is a feel good site. Very pretty.
Castle Hill library has a pinterest link but it is not being used properly.They have small cropped out of focus photos on there. Nothing to pin. The link should be taken off or updated.

Video sharing and Libraries


I created this little video to show how Libraries can share storytime with more people. Mums with kids at home could listen to stories without having to read them themselves. My daughter loves watching movies on YouTube so I am sure others would find this a good babysitting tool too.

Libraries could promote their services and introduce new books which have come out. This could be used on a facebook page too. People who live in isolated country areas could get a lot of use out of this. It is like having your own TV program. Libraries are also using YouTube to show us how to use their resources.

Facebook and the Library


Wow, look whats on, sounds like a fun place to work. I have attached a link to the New York Public Library’s Facebook page. Now this looks like a great place to work. They are getting feedback on their page too. I have attached an article which talks about library’s and the advantages of Facebook.

I have been communicating with my local library via facebook and it all has been working well, I get regular feedback. Facebook can keep you in the loop. So when you go to the Libray or meet friends you know what has been going on. I can understand why others don’t like using facebook because you are no longer anonymous.